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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    20 Interconnected and Semi-dependent Factors Contributing to the Creation and Promotion of Sustainable Culture – by cypher13

    20 Interconnected and Semi-dependent Factors Contributing to the Creation and Promotion of Sustainable Culture – by cypher13: "

    1. 20ideas.11. Compulsion for Creation:

      We have an innate compulsion to create.  This compulsion perpetuates our very existence.  It also potentially hinders our longevity. Our propensity to create has taken us right to the brink of sustainability. Now, as like never before, we need not only to create, but to create responsibly.

    2. 20ideas.22. Trust in Vision:

      The desire to create is deeply connected to our capacity to visualize the future. The ability to trust our vision is tantamount to creation. The greater our ability to visualize our ideas, the greater the likelihood we’ll bring them to fruition.

    3. 20ideas.33. Belief is Power:

      The clearer our vision the deeper our belief. Belief empowers us and provides a platform from which action can be taken. It contributes to our feelings of confidence. The confidence arising from belief provides power and leads to action.

    4. 20ideas.44. Willingness to Risk:

      With both vision and belief willingness to risk is increased. The clearer the vision, the greater the belief. The greater our belief, the more confidence we experience. Confidence leads to increased risk taking, and essentially, a heightened sense of power. The more willing we are to take risks the more powerful we become.

    5. 20ideas.55. Failure is Necessary:

      Failure is typically associated with a negative outcome, or the idea of underachieving ones aim. It becomes a much more valuable idea when flipped and applied to the more positive concept of suboptimal, but necessary experimentation. Regardless, of how we perceive and define failure, we must entertain the concept as our willingness to risk increases. It is from failure that ideas are honed, visions clarified, and the power of belief deepened.

    6. 20ideas.66. Determination Drives Progress:

      The more determined we are to improve, or offer alternatives, the more likely we are to progress. The closer our failure, or suboptimal, but necessary experimentation comes to producing desirable results, the more determined we become. Determination propagates creation and results in progress.

    7. 20ideas.7

      7. Equality Promotes Growth:

      Progress in the context of sustainable cultural creation is anything that improves the human experience and has the potential to impact all within the realm of influence equally. As resource allocation and opportunity are brought into balance equality becomes a reality and growth begins.

    8. 20ideas.8

      8. Strength in Community:

      As determination increases and progress is experienced, equality arises and community can be formed. Community like progress rests upon the premise of equality. As community grows, a new, reinforced platform for both ideation and creation is established.

    9. 20ideas.99. Value in Collaboration:

      Community rests upon and contributes to reinforced bonds between its members. The connectivity brought about by community leads to collaboration. Communal bonds are in turn renewed, and strengthened through collaboration. Collaboration increases vision, deepens belief, builds power, hedges risk, mitigates failure, heightens determination, perpetuates equality, and adds real value to work, its’ byproduct.

    10. 20ideas.1010. Work Speaks Volumes:

      Culture comes from work. The more sustainable the production of work, the more sustainable the culture. The stronger the community, the greater its collaborative potential to do work. Work done right, be it individually, collectively, or communally – speaks volumes.

    11. 20ideas.1111. Responsibility is Required:

      As the scope of our work grows and its impacts are felt on a larger scale, a greater degree of responsibility is required. We need not only take responsibility for the final outcome of our work, but for the entire creation process to create responsible, sustainable, culturally significant work.

    12. 20ideas.1212. Forget About Money:

      Concern for money, while valid, has a tendency to hinder the creation and attempted execution of some of our best ideas, ideas that lead to the production of exceptional work. We occasionally need to forget about money, albeit responsibly, and follow our hearts if we’re to prompt sustainable creation.

    13. 20ideas.1313. Honesty Breeds Integrity:

      The first step to being honest with others is being honest with ourselves. Forgetting about money in the context of creation is often a very important and necessary step to being true, or honest with ourselves. Honesty is conveyed through our actions and it’s through our actions that we convey our integrity.

    14. 20ideas.1414. Magic is Real:

      When we’re honest, unencumbered by money, assuming responsibility, working collaboratively within our communities, promoting equality, determined to progress, ready to risk, full of belief, and looking ahead, magic happens.

    15. 20ideas.1515. Communication is King:

      Whether or not you’re ready to believe in magic, we can all agree on the importance of communication. Communication is the interchange of thoughts, opinions, and information. To promote and create anything sustainable an ongoing exchange of information is necessary, both publicly and privately. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is central to creating and maintaining sustainable relationships. Sustainable cultural creation can not happen in a vacuum.

    16. 20ideas.1616. Commitment Conveys Legitimacy:

      The more committed we are to our ideas, our community, and to sharing and communicating to the best of our ability, the more open we become. Openness leads to honesty, and honesty breeds integrity. Honesty, integrity, and visible commitment collectively contribute to establishing legitimacy.

    17. 20ideas.1717. Transparency Shows Authenticity:

      Once an individual, group of individuals, or community achieves validity, it’s the provision of transparency that shows real authenticity. The greater the access we’re provided, the more likely we are to connect, believe, promote, and be inspired.

    18. 20ideas.1818. Trust Breeds Influence:

      Individual belief and vision are necessary to achieve communal belief and vision. The idea of individual equality is vital to communal equality. The work of the individual is as important as the work of the community. We can not have communal responsibility without first possessing individual responsibility. The community can not honestly put the concept of money aside for the greater communal good without first conveying the commitment, legitimacy and authenticity required to evoke the trust of its’ members. Be it on an individual level or a larger communal level, trust must be earned. With trust comes the potential to influence.

    19. 20ideas.1919. Education Cultivates Sustainability:

      Possessing Influence enables an individual, group of individuals, or community the power to educate. The exchange of new information is the cornerstone of sustainability. The more informed we are, the better our decision making and the better our decision making the more likely we are to make choices that promote sustainable outcomes.

    20. 20ideas.2020. Love is Everything:

      To properly consider the idea of sustainability and sustainable cultural creation we must address the concept of love. To love another we must first love ourselves. To love our fellow man we must possess a greater communal love for our surroundings and all of the entities within. After all, it’s our innate ability and longing to love that initiated and continues to the sustain the creation of all those who create.