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    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    Brian Ewing Giclee Prints

    Brian Ewing Giclee Prints: "


    Brian Ewing has just released a couple of super limited edition giclee art prints.

    The top print is titled “Dead Spring” and was originally featured as a cover for IWYS #5. Very few copies of that print are still available. The second print, titled “Hasta La Muerta” is already sold out. So, get on it NOW, if you want the other print.



    Sunset Cotton Etching Paper 285g

    ltd to 25 pcs ea

    All the details here.


    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    “Skullhead #1″ Black Nickel A/Ps from Huck Gee

    “Skullhead #1″ Black Nickel A/Ps from Huck Gee: "

    Huck’s Fully Visual A/P Skullheads have finally arrived! They have 25 of these fellas and they are finished in a gorgeous Black Nickel. These pieces are large — for comparison’s sake, they are about three times larger than the first modernized Skullhead metal figure from Fully Visual, almost a pound and as big as a baseball. These paperweights of doom will each be signed, numbered and drop in Huck's store on Friday November 6th @ noon PST for $150 each.

    "Kong" Teddy Troop custom by Okedoki

    "Kong" Teddy Troop custom by Okedoki: "

    In the This amazing custom created by Tam aka Okedoki was done for a lucky Kidrobot forum board member. This, just like the rest of her customs, turned out simply amazing, and what a lucky collector to have this in their possession, and just like every amazing customs deserves, here is 'Kong's' backstory...

    'Year 625, after the great flood, 5 clans remained in the Kingdom of Tian. There has been peace throughout the Kingdom for almost a century, until a feud between Ren of the Human Clan, and Hiro of the Bear Clan ignited over the love of the beautiful Bijin. Jealousy and rage lead Ren and Hiro into battle. Hiro’s strength was no match for Ren’s speed and precision, as Hiro suffered a stab wound to the heart and bled to death. A dark cloud casted over the Kingdom of Tian as it fell into unrest. Sensing the unbalance, all the clans declared war on each other. Whole villages were torched and blackened. Thousands of innocent lives were lost. The Kingdom of Tian was in turmoil, as the darkness continued to reign.

    * * *
    From a dream, Kong woke up sweating with fist clenched. In his dream, the Gods visited and summoned him. They told him, it was his fate to restore peace in the Kingdom of Tian by revenging the death of Hiro. In his dream, the Gods told him he was to wear a helmet in reverence to Hiro. In the clutches of Hiro’s teeth was Ren. On the side of the helmet ‘Revenge’ was scrawled. He was to wear this helmet as he marched into battle.

    Kong, undefiant to the God’s wishes, casted a helmet identical to the one in his dream. He put it on, and walked in the direction of the West Wind where the Human Clan lived. His blue eyes darkened from the reflection of the clouds, were focused and ready.

    This is Kong’s journey...'

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    Here are a few things I've been working on lately.