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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Int'l Gem and Jewelry Expo

    So, since I had today off and my mother wanted today off, we decided to go to the Int'l Gem and Jewelry Expo, she makes jewelry, so it makes sense. Here's a sampling of some of what we came home with.


    I love when other blogs set me off to beautiful things.

    Archetype Vase White by Carola Zee $195

    One of my fav-o-rite things

    $525 from Umbra, just awesomely functional, designed by Matt Carr.

    And then something I saw on Design Milk that I friggen loved

    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    I need to remember

    That I need to buy this print. I love it, its one of my favorite pieces by Blaine Fontana

    Is it wrong how bad I want this?

    Mmm...ebay The pictures alone are totally worth it.


    Since deciding to begin this blog I've compiled a rather large collection of items and interests scattered throughout both the web and my RSS feeds that will sometimes make it here. I need to remind myself though that due to the sheer volume of items that I starred, clipped, or otherwise, that to try and do it all at once I'll simply end up overwhelming myself.

    This was the crave-worthy item for CasaSugar for today. Its a 4 grand daybed. I love it because its tufted and its red. I'm pretty indiscriminate when it comes to those two features.

    Hate to admit it but I love this not only because of the awesomely fabulous wallpaper...but also I love that end table...I think that the top has a painted starburst on it but its fantastic. Really sets off that antiqued gas lamp. [design*sponge]

    Check out that chair (apparently she got it from her grandmother) alongside that candelabra with those gorgeous cushions. The cushions I learned are actually designed by looolo textiles.[design*sponge]

    My Inspiration

    First Posting:

    The entire purpose of this blog is to catalogue and organize my inspiration, the things that flow through to me through digital means, and thus a singular checkpoint for everything that won't make it on to my physical inspiration boards. I haven't even finished painting those, can you even spray paint cork? I don't know, but I'll find out. I'm currently on a path in my life that will hopefully lead to me getting my BFA from VCU in Interior Design. I'm currently attending NOVA and working on my AA and AS, and I work part time at a Gallery and Custom Framing shop, doing framing. I've always been an avid blog reader, and have written a few personal ones on my own (looking back its like teen angst from '00 to present, nothing I want to share), and a few that I comment on. By nature though I've always been far more of an observant individual than a commenter, so this will help me focus the things that I like and love about my life, this life, and all the fun art and whatnot that goes along with it.

    As it is, I often find myself struggling to deClutter my life and organize my wants and priorities, so this blog, this seperate identity, will hopefully provide just that.

    My life these days is contained to a single room. A room which really needs to be kept clean and organized, but rarely is (damn ADD)

    This is really what I'll consider the current beginning of the journey.