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    Monday, September 22, 2008


    I haven't been cataloging my current issues with Domino Magazine, but let it be known that my october issue has arrived. My september issue though...who knows. I love Domino as much as the next person, and its so hard to resist going out to the store and just picking up a copy when it takes them so insufferably long to consistantly send me a copy, but, let it be known, I am happy. domino magazine cover

    One I actually go through the 'zine I'll probably scan a few of my favorites, but in the meantime, I had a wonderful weekend, framed up some new art and hung it on the walls (actually its old art, but I painted some reclaimed frames that fit and now am working on organizing my art wall how I like it). Loves...I'll be back again when life is less a whirlwind.

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Slideshow from the Show

    So, not done

    But testing a new layout and logo. Unfortunately I'm both not as good at webdesign as I want to be, and infinitely lazy, I simply do not feel like fixing those rounders. Heh. I'll probably end up doing it, but I won't be happy about it. Not happy at all. Have loads of new images to put up taken from the Block Party last night, but I need to get dressed and go to a job interview, so that is priority. I'll be back later. In the meantime, here is a teaser.

    to feel, by benjamin floeter

    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    OnTap Magazine Photos

    Leah and I got alot of shots of us on OnTap Magazine online.

    Wow its been crazy

    So, its been an interesting weekend. Leah and I went to the Art Whino preview show last night in georgetown. The artist, Daniel Fleres was awesome, actually everyone was awesome. We met Shane, the owner of Art Whino, him and his delicious 'QUEENS' shoes, and Miguel of SoulT3ec video, photography, and webdesign. Leah and I got our photos taken by the photographer from On Tap magazine, and once they go online, I'll link them. We met a few of Shane's incredibly creative and consistantly humble artists, everyone was so nice and talkative, and one of them, Alicia, had this fabulous hat that apparently she got in Austin Texas, Austin rocks. I had wanted to ask if she was down there for SXSW, but I think someone distracted us and it was all down hill from there. So, while we were out there, the deluge began. Leah was on the phone with her boyfriend Ben and couldn't hear him inside, so she had to stand outside, and of course, me being the chatty crazy that I am ended up talking to everyone who came close to me. I also ended up buying a piece! Its called Devil/Angel by Daniel Fleres. It called to me, it was like, you need buy me, I'm a missing part of you and the art that makes you happy. I of course agreed, and now I'm the happy owner of Devil/Angel. So, afterwards, went to the bar, had a shot and some beer, then hung out late night elsewhere. I woke up this morning thinking, this is going to be a blah, hurricane-style day with torrential rains. About 1.5hrs into work, my boss attempted to not compensate me for my hours properly, and proceeded to be rude about it, and if you know me, you know I've been dealing with her attitude problems and rudeness and derogatory issues for -months- now, so I quit. I'm now free as a bird and looking for part time work so I can focus on school. Yay school. More credits! I hope the rest of the weekend goes this swimmingly.

    Leah, Alicia (the artist of the works behind us), and I. I look so frumpy!

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Mmmm Jayson Home & Garden

    How you tease and tempt me with things I can ill (not at all) afford. I just got the email about their new fall collection, unfortunately I'm not awake enough to peruse and show you all what I would buy were I an italian heiress with cash to blow, but I shall tease you with their opening image of what has to be a favorite sofa of mine.

    Lie and tell me that that is not sexy.

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    Dan McCarthy

    I can't help but stop everytime I see Dan McCarthy's work and just want to share it. I love his work. -love- it. And the pricing is beyond reasonable, $35 for this awesome print, "the haunted fish tank", how can you say no. Its even 19x25. I love it.

    I love DC Art News

    I already had been planning on attending this, but it just reinforces my interest when it catches Lenny Campello's eye. Art Whino, which had already found a warm and fuzzy place in my heart after their glorious Inked Soles show,
    is now having a show focused on reevaluating what art should be, ie, attainable, with numerous small blocks of work. There are 11 artists, though one is doing a live painting on friday night at the adidas store in georgetown. I'm so there, and I'm bringing Leah with me. I might even convince her to write for this blog as I change it up some, it could use her design perspective.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Am contemplating a change

    Am thinking of changing the blog name to SDL.

    SoDevLish. Since thats my nickname and what I normally go by, flocked kitsune seems like i'm trying to be something I'm not, and while I love fuzzy things, and foxes, I'm still the chick that speeds by in a rally red civic coupe with two devil duckies on the dash and SODVLSH as the license plate.
    I think maybe when I stop trying to be like all of the bloggers I appreciate, and go back to being myself, I'll probably write more and more consistantly. We will see, in the meantime though I need to run to class, no school and I'll never be an interior designer.

    Much loves.

    "can money pay for all the days i lived awake but half asleep?" by chris lands