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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Lipstick Jungle

    So I'm finally giving up and watching Lipstick Jungle. Its on Hulu. I'm bored. I love successful women shows. I -loved- Cashmere Mafia. Which is primarily why I didn't want to watch Lipstick Jungle. I'm just finishing the first episode and here is my major qualm. While it is evident that Cashmere Mafia invested heavily in their sets, making them reflect the fiscal success as well as individual taste of the individuals they represented, Lipstick Jungle appears to have run out to Ikea, grabbed what they could, and threw it on top of generally bland sets. I understand that this is a pilot, but if the sets don't start looking better, I will be forced to abandon the show. I cannot abide by poor taste.

    I also miss Lucy Lui hardcore and have been watching her on Dirty Sexy Money. I -love- that show.

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Jason Thielke is phenomonal

    Favorite Prints

    So, a bunch of prints are going or are already on sale. Prints that I am utterly in love with. Let me share.
    "She Protects Us" by Jay Ryan. Its a seven color screenprint going for $20 over at

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Yes we did.

    The rarely written edition!

    Hi hi hi!

    So anyway, catching up real quick on news around and about my loves, there is going to be an AWESOME/AMAZING/FANTASTIC STENCIL show at the gallery (ARTWHINO IN NATIONAL HARBOR) (god i love caps today). Here are the details before I get too distracted.

    Event Info
    Art Whino Gallery
    Washington, DC
    Time and Place
    Friday, November 14, 2008
    6:00pm - 11:55pm
    Art Whino Gallery
    173 Waterfront Street
    Oxon Hill, MD


    An exhibition celebrating stencil art featuring over 30 artists who
    in this provocative medium. Art Whino will be bringing a traditionally
    secretive, outdoor based art form inside gallery walls. Come see the
    amazing installation by 15 artists from all around the world, and meet
    them and talk about their work at the Opening Reception. Learn about
    this creative trend that is present all over the world. Meet Russell
    Howze, author of Stencil Nation, and attend his presentation on the
    incredible art featured in his book. Get your copy of Stencil Nation
    signed at our book signing and panel discussion about the origins,
    popularity and integration of stencil art into the gallery world.

    Friday November 14th from 6-Midnight
    Opening reception at Art Whino Gallery.

    gallery walls will be transformed as a 15 artists come out from all
    over the world for a huge install collaboration. Thirty artists will be
    showcased. Each artist will showcase 20 pieces created on found objects
    that will be integrated into and inspire the overall installation,
    bringing the gallery back into the realm of street art. These found
    object works will retail for $20 - $40, keeping the art accessible and
    true to its roots.

    Music by DJ Face

    Special Performance by VODKA AND DONUTS

    Sunday. November 23rd, from Noon – 6pm
    At Art Whino gallery
    Stencil Nation book signing by Russell Howze.
    Presentation by Russell Howze on the Art of Stencil 2 - 3pm
    Panel discussion from 3 – 4pm focused on the popularity and growth of stencil art and it’s transition into fine art galleries.

    This event is FREE and open to the public.

    Show end date: Dec 6th

    and yes, I did just c&p that from facebook. So, the show should obviously be awesome. I know that you can tell this just by looking at it. I know you can. I have faith in you.

    Later today we'll have a roundup of my favorite prints (including an awesome Audrey Kawasaki that goes on sale this weekend I think), a few looks that i like or have questions about, and photography finds.

    Speaking of photography, why is it so hard to get B&W 120mm processed. I just want to know whats on my damn lomos!! I spoke with Shane (owner of ArtWhino, aka Bossman) and he suggested Chrome Imaging, (whom I love dearly), but I don't feel like driving into DC for 12 images. Motophoto will process 120mm color, and I suspect DigipixArt will as well (btw they are really quite awesome people to work with, their processing services are fabulous, I send my dad there all the time (yeah I need to work on his website so badly). Anyway, speak to you soon!

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Michelle Obama

    So First Ladies have always been well dressed, immacu even, their stylings chosen by the creme de la creme in demur taste. Last night Michelle Obama wore a stunning dress by Narcisco Rodriguez, one I absolutely loved. Someone I was sitting with had the audacity to say that it made her look like she had a bun in the oven, but, they obviously have no taste. I'm so excited about this presidency, and what it means, that I can only contain myself by distracting my mind with what the potential influence upon fashion Michelle Obama will likely have. A powerful black woman has of late been typified simply by Oprah, but now...we have a similiar but different taste. I eagerly await the summer day when we see Michelle Obama sweep by in a wrap dress by the ever-awesome Diane Von Furstenberg.

    I could cry

    I'm so proud to be an American. So proud.