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    Thursday, May 15, 2008


    Since deciding to begin this blog I've compiled a rather large collection of items and interests scattered throughout both the web and my RSS feeds that will sometimes make it here. I need to remind myself though that due to the sheer volume of items that I starred, clipped, or otherwise, that to try and do it all at once I'll simply end up overwhelming myself.

    This was the crave-worthy item for CasaSugar for today. Its a 4 grand daybed. I love it because its tufted and its red. I'm pretty indiscriminate when it comes to those two features.

    Hate to admit it but I love this not only because of the awesomely fabulous wallpaper...but also I love that end table...I think that the top has a painted starburst on it but its fantastic. Really sets off that antiqued gas lamp. [design*sponge]

    Check out that chair (apparently she got it from her grandmother) alongside that candelabra with those gorgeous cushions. The cushions I learned are actually designed by looolo textiles.[design*sponge]

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