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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Its mass post time

    I haven't posted in awhile, been busy working on my father's website as well as helping him get set up for his first Photography Show. But since I've been neglectful, I have a huge backlog of things that inspire me and things that I crave. Things stuff items objects, yum. My taste will become blatantly obvious in the first two images, and each consequent one.

    First things first...oh ya, and while I'm writing this I'm watching a particularly good episode of House. I love House.

    So I started writing this post at like, 4pm. I decided that what I would do is go through my RSS feeds and check all the starred items since I began starring them. No point in having them starred if I'm not going to review them later. This has led me to now, 5:55pm. Finally at the bottom of the list and ready to do some awesome justice to....this blog. Heh, the best of the past 5-6 months in my blogs. We'll start there, we'll get to other places later.

    Unfortunately do to the everre-loading nature of the reader, at 7:14pm I've decided to go from most recent to oldest. Heh.

    I love the bed and the chandelier, and the nightstand. The detailing on the bedframe is really intricate, and for some reason I've been craving more of the color white. The ruffles on the pillows and duvet compliment the baroque vintage accents on the furniture and the chandelier really really well. I'm not a fan of that lamp, but too much frill gets gross after awhile so that streamlined silver works really well, its just not my taste. I'm definitely shabby chic with a few modern/asian accents.

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