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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Tipped off

    So I just got tipped off to the Umbra Loft collection at target from happy mundane. Needless so say if you know anything about me you know I'm a sucker for flourishes, no matter how contrived. So, obviously there is alot with regards to the umbra collection that I'm interested in. I'll share a few of the goodies and how I plan to utilize them in my ever evolving struggle to get organized.

    Product Image
    This is the Umbra Loft Jewelry Harp in Black, $14.99. Really I don't think I need this but I like it. I have a jewelry tree and a jewelry box. Both overflowing with crap and barely used (I'll share photos one day) When I grabbed this link I was thinking, hey I could put this in my bathroom as a place to store jewelry when I take it off there, but really why encourage my habit of putting jewelry in every which place, I need to get myself into the habit of keeping it in the places I've designated. Jewelry box and jewelry tree. Do it Lee. Do it.
    Product Image
    Umbra Loft Charging Valet Studio - Black $19.99. On the one hand, I need this. It serves a practical purpose, one I'm constantly attempting to overcome while simultaneously not ruining my personal aesthetic. On the other hand I think if I just organized my wires beneath my desk, I wouldn't have as many dramatic charging issues as I currently do. On the hello what are you thinking Lee, end, its not as if I even have surface space for this!! Every inch of flat surface in my room is utilized, and one could argue, when I move I'll have more free space, but until then, exactly where do I expect this to go. No no, one day it will be useful is a mantra I need to avoid!
    Product Image
    Umbra Loft Photo Tray - $19.99. Ok...this I believe I could actually use. I need a tray in both my bathroom and my room. A sort of catchall station. I've had my eyes peeled for something of the bone china variety, but I haven't found anything. Considering the eventual evolution of my bathroom, this could easily fit in there, with maybe some vintage print tucked in if I wanted to be particular. I was also looking at Pier1's floral embossed tray, but I haven't seen it in person yet to decide whether its gaudy or just right.
    Chances are it will be gaudy.

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