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    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Again. So long

    The holidays are very difficult for me. Difficult in the fact that I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off attempting to get projects, work, and everything else including a constantly evolving social life in order. Sometimes the simple idea of all of these events and projects that are on my shoulders waiting to occur, needing to occur, are great enough to prevent me from getting ANYTHING done. (I know, I need to get over that intense procrastination issue), but I am working on it. I am just back to let you all know that I am here and I have a BUNDLE of snazzy new things to share, not just in home decor. My gallery had a fabulous show (so fabulous that I will be sharing the photos later today I hope) with Jason Snyder's work (if you recall I work at Art Whino, the premiere Washington DC gallery for lowbrow art). In the meantime I'm simply going to share this fab photo that my friend LadyGlock took of me thoroughly sloshed at Blisspop's christmas dance party.
    Talk to you soon lovies.

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