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    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Am contemplating a change

    Am thinking of changing the blog name to SDL.

    SoDevLish. Since thats my nickname and what I normally go by, flocked kitsune seems like i'm trying to be something I'm not, and while I love fuzzy things, and foxes, I'm still the chick that speeds by in a rally red civic coupe with two devil duckies on the dash and SODVLSH as the license plate.
    I think maybe when I stop trying to be like all of the bloggers I appreciate, and go back to being myself, I'll probably write more and more consistantly. We will see, in the meantime though I need to run to class, no school and I'll never be an interior designer.

    Much loves.

    "can money pay for all the days i lived awake but half asleep?" by chris lands

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