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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Lipstick Jungle

    So I'm finally giving up and watching Lipstick Jungle. Its on Hulu. I'm bored. I love successful women shows. I -loved- Cashmere Mafia. Which is primarily why I didn't want to watch Lipstick Jungle. I'm just finishing the first episode and here is my major qualm. While it is evident that Cashmere Mafia invested heavily in their sets, making them reflect the fiscal success as well as individual taste of the individuals they represented, Lipstick Jungle appears to have run out to Ikea, grabbed what they could, and threw it on top of generally bland sets. I understand that this is a pilot, but if the sets don't start looking better, I will be forced to abandon the show. I cannot abide by poor taste.

    I also miss Lucy Lui hardcore and have been watching her on Dirty Sexy Money. I -love- that show.

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